How To Safely Hide Your IP For Privacy.

Before reading this article you must agree that “online privacy is very important”. So many times Anonymously [Anonymous] or anonymously; We want to roam the Web, if necessary or unnecessary. There is no alternative to hackers. Currently Enemies online.

You may be surprised to know that only your personal information is accessible with your IP address. And for this reason secretly hide the first condition IP to use the Internet. First of all, say Fake IP or fake IP address; It is basically another burden to make. What you can do is hide your IP. This means that you are not fully anonymous [anonymous] or hidden on the Internet; A dedicated existence can trace you. But at 96% of the time you can hide your IP, in reality.

Hide or hide the IP in the web world; Talk about 3 ways:

Method 1: Using the open WiFi

The funny thing is that this is the only way to hide the IP of your home or office. When you are using public WiFi; Then there is no way to trace your home or original Astana. And if this hotspot is any market, bus stand or an airport! Then your activity will be hidden even more by other users.

But there are dangers here:

Data in public WiFi is not usually encrypted.
The people who are connected to this network; Other users of that network login details. For example, banks, e-commerce sites, Facebook can view all these information.
The harmful malware or virus may also spread on these sites.
There are also many other ways through which hackers; You can steal your data identity from a public WiFi zone.
So you’re here to hide your IP; But keeping a security hole open.

Method 2: With VPN

The VPN’s full form is virtual private network. It’s easier said than the name of a term. Basically you are browsing the web by inserting your device or computer into another’s network. If you do not do the job, then it seems that the work you have been using is the network of which you used it. In other words; When you are connecting to VPN, you are your; Their IP is hidden by their IP’s IP. But you’re going through another network, you have some risks; So advice is to use Paid VPN. The question is: What is the free VPN selling our data? Do they open your original IP? The answer is that this can happen. So use my recommendation Paid VPN. Paid VPNs are usually [logless] logles; That is, they do not store any information; So they will not leave any IP or open any request.

NordVPN and ExpressVPN can be nice two options for you. Nor is it what you use. Download Application> Install> Turn on> Preferred VPN Pack.

Method 3: Using Web Proxy
The web process works exactly the way VPN works. Here web traffic is flowing with a proxy server. Your IP is hidden here by the IP of the Proxy server.

However, there is a difference between Proxy and VPN:

First, this network is not an encrypted network. Although your IP is being hidden by the proxy; Yet it is possible to recover by ISP, the government. not only that ; Some websites may show your original IPO via Flash / JavaScript. Secondly, here browser will pass you through browser traffic. Manually install the IP of the Proxy Server from the settings of the browser.

How To Set Up Web Process In Browser:
First free web process search such as: loveprocity etc. Using your own country’s provocative server, it will be faster for you; However, using another country will be relatively low speed.


Select “Options” from the main menu.
Then enter from the Advanced tab> Network section.
Click Settings below the Connection.
Now click on the manual proxy configuration, then type the proxy address and port in the HTTP proxy field.


From the main menu, click Settings.
Scroll down and click View Advanced Settings
Scroll down and click Open proxy settings
Enables use of a proxy server with the manual proxy server; Enter server address and port in the field.

Opera and Google Chrome:

Click Settings from the main menu.
Click on the network “Change proxy settings”.
Click on the Connection Tab LAN Settings.
Use your proxy server for your LAN; Then type in the server address and port address field.

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Updated: June 10, 2020 — 5:42 pm

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