How To Start ISP Business A-Z Tips.

Many do not know how to start an ISP or Internet Service Provider Business, and many have requested to post it. So this post for those interested in doing ISP broadband internet business.

Broadband internet business

In the developed world, the speed of the internet is like a rocket. And the speed of the internet in our country is restricted to kilobytes. Due to the slow Internet, many activities have stopped. Many young talented freelancers are going to pay thousands of taka per month for internet speed and a lot of city passes. Just a few days ago, mobile operators received licenses for 3G services. But their activities are still limited to the district. In addition, the blood-money mobile company’s internet prices are so much that it is difficult for ordinary people to use their net package. The situation of WiMAX service providers is the same. There is no Unlimited Package Broadband internet is the only medium for high speed netting at low cost. Unlimited packages, because of the low price, most people want to use broadband internet. But broadband Internet is very few in the country. Broadband internet business is less risky. Take a look at the broadband Internet from the beginning.

How to start

To do broadband Internet business, first research what kind of internet user is in your business area. If you feel comfortable then you can start. Broadband business needs to be licensed from BTRC. To apply for a license, you must apply in the prescribed form. Find the form here BTRC will have to attach all the papers mentioned in the form and submit it to the head office. If everything is right then you will get a license within 3 months of applying. After getting the license bandwidth will buy.

Broadband is brought in three ways. 1. Through Optical Fiber 2. 3 by satellite Through Mobile Tower The lowest cost of bandwidth after bringing optical fiber. However, to bring optical fiber, you have to have bandwidth providers line in your business area or around. If you are far away then you have to bring Satellite or mobile towers from BTS. However, this method will cost bandwidth more. A total of 36 IIGs (International Internet Gateway) sells bandwidths in the country. The only government IIG BTCL. Some private IIGs that sell bandwidth at the earliest include Mango Telecom, Summit Communication, Bangla Phone, TomatoWeb, Vigro Comunication and BD Link Comunication. Visit for all the IIGs in the country – BTRC

What do you need

To do broadband business, you have to buy some equipment. They are a microprocessor router, a cable, a PC, and a switch to position the base for speed control. For continuous 24-hour microprocessor router, there will be uninterrupted power supply.

How much capital will take

How much the capital will take depends on how many kilometers you will line in the area. Equipment and licenses will be required to charge 50,000, each base station 1000, per kilometer cable 10000 taka. BTCL will charge Rs. 2800 per megabit bandwidth, and take it from the private IIG’s own line of Tk 1000-1800. If you take BTS from the mobile towers, then every Mugbit will wear 3000-5000 rupees.

How much risk

Broadband internet business is much less risky. Because once this business is established in everything, then there is no cost without bandwidth. If the hazard says suddenly everyone closes the connection.

Income expenditure

Income from this business depends on the customer. If the subscriber is more then the income will be higher. Generally, every Mugabet earns Rs 2000-3000. If you can sell 5 Mbitabatt bandwidth per month, then the earnings will be 12000-15000 taka. The higher the subscriber will earn, and the bandwidth will be less.

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