Is WordPress Site Safe? Some reasons being hacked a WordPress sites.

WordPress is basically a blogging platform. The main purpose of making this was to use it for blogging, but due to being simple and open source, its other uses have started very fast. Developers make the plugin and the theme look like it’s own. It is possible to make everything from ecommerce to its own personal portfolio.

According to the calculations builtwith this writing till this post

Quantcast Top 10k
2,408 of 10,000

Quantcast Top 100k
22,728 of 100,000

BuiltWith Top Million
254,420 of 969,607

Entire Internet
19,887,403 of 374,479,890

So many sites made with WordPress !! Think of it once! And this list is from white house to top blogs.

Now on the security safety issue:

It is a very secure platform, it has an active Developer Team which constantly updates its security updates. It is said to be one of the world’s most secure platforms. Not to be more happy, the world’s most hacked site is WordPress! Just now I say that again, the most inskyur !! Feeling Confused?

The main script of WordPress is that it is safe but the problem is only when we add different plugins, themes to it. Here are some main reasons for which WordPress sites may be hacked:

1. Insecure server: It may be found that most of the time your site may be hacked for the Insecure server. Hacking has a system called Simlocking, which is the symlink, bypassing file read permissions on the server and searching for a configuration file by broadcasting it to a brotfor and seeing a file read permit, it displays the text in the form of a hacker. As many as 30-40% of wordpress sites are hacked in the world. It’s a big problem.
Remedy: It can be easily solved, encrypt the wp-config.php file using an encryptor, and if hacker gets config, it will not be able to decrypt, so it will not be profitable. can encrypt with the site. Simply copy the code and paste the encrypted code in wp-config.php file.

As well as the security server hosting should be used.

2. Insecure Plugins / Themes: Most people use nulled or stolen theme plugins / themes. They can not see with the naked eye, but they can see these maximus plugins / themes file backdoors / malware. Hackers can easily hack your site using these backdoors. You used a null plugin to see that 10 days of the site did not happen. You started running the site at Aramas but you see that one day the hacker came to the site and removed all data by hanging his deficiency. Keep in mind that this is one of the reasons why WordPress is so much more hacked.

Remedy: Many paid / free plugins / themes have a lot of crashes so that plugins / themes will be used to check the online repatriation and the latest update time. If you see that its update does not last long, then plugins / themes do not use it. If you use Null plugins, you can use every php file text editor to see if there is any encrypted code or just use it otherwise you will not use it otherwise.

3. Explanation in Core File: As mentioned earlier it is a safe platform and updated daily. As many people use it so much where there is so much pain in the head. Also, sometimes the core script is exposed to the explorer so that it will always have to be updated as soon as the update is received.
Use the security plug-ins for security outside. On the blog, I gave an article in Already, where a blog site asked what plugins should be used. So read those articles well.

4. Providing simple password: Setting a mobile number or simple password in the admin panel’s login can cause a site to be hacked.

Apneion: I do not use WordPress if I do not do too much. If you can coding yourself, it is best done. So try to create a site or application with PHP and manually create it. It will also get the best and best output cost. If you create a site with WordPress, you should check regular site security with plugins and theme security to be checked regularly.

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