Tips To Protect & Safe Your PC.

To use the computer often we have to get into trouble. Slow down, hanging, attacking the virus, etc. Everyone is familiar with roughly. These problems may also occur on high-end PCs. For these reasons, many times the work is interrupted. But these are easily avoided when being a little aware.

This tune with some free tools and tips to make your PC faster and hassle-free.

Virus, protection from spyware
Many people think that the PC becomes slow when the antivirus is installed. But viruses and spyware can make your PC even more slower. You can even delete your most important information. For this, you should install the latest version of any good antivirus on your PC regularly and update it regularly. You should also use an antispyware as well.

Minimal software use
The use of more software can slow down your PC. With each software installed it enters the registry entry. And as these entries of the registrar are increasing, the PCs tend to be as slow as possible. So, try as little as possible to use the software. Another good solution is to use portable software. Portable software is not required to install. So the registry is clean.

Disabling Startup Program
As soon as your PC starts, some software is auto-start. By doing so, the bootup becomes slower. To clear the startup, go to the Start menu and click Run. Then press MsConfig and press enter. A window will open. From there, click on the Startup tab. The programs that are checked here are auto-startups when your PC starts. Ok, by ticking the software from which you do not need it. However, be careful not to uncheck your system from any program. Then restart the PC.

Temporary files, cookies and registry clean
Temporary files are stored when the computer is doing various tasks and installing the software. These files are absolutely unnecessary. To delete temporary files, from the Start menu to Run, go to Run, enter% temp%, then press enter and the Tutorial files will be displayed. Now press Ctrl + A to select all the files and delete it by pressing Shift + Delete.

When browsing the Internet, various web sites store cookies on your PC. Most of which are unnecessary and slow down the PC. To delete a cookie, click on Tools from the Firefox browser. Then click on the options that will open the window and click on the Privacy tab. Now click on the Clear button and select the cookie and click on the “Clear Private Data” button, the cookie will be deleted. And if you have used any other browser, try to trick Firefox. It’s safe, easy and fast-paced.

You can use Registry Fix or Registry Easy to clean the registry.

Exclude more than one messenger
Many people installed Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, MSN Messenger etc. together on their PC. They also make the PC slow. You can do all these software with a software. Use PidGin or Digsby for this.

Use less icons on the desktop
Desktop admission icon can slow down your PC’s startup and other activities. So the desktop should not have more than 2-3 icons required. Use programs directly from the Start menu or try Launchy.

Unnecessary Fonts and Software Uninstall
Unnecessary fonts and software should be uninstalled. Fonts are loaded while PC starts. As a result, startup slows down. To uninstall fonts, go to the Font folder from Control Panel and delete the unnecessary fonts.

Applying these strategies, hopefully your computer will become more dynamic and hassle-free.

Updated: June 10, 2020 — 5:51 pm

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