What do you need to host the website?

Theoretically speaking, you can host your website on your computer, and even access it to the whole world. And to do all this, you have to bring some specific changes to your computer system and ensure that your internet connection can accept inkking traffic – and your computer must be registered with all the servers on the internet so that the servers can understand that your website is looking for the right words Will be.

But here are three main reasons, so you will not want to host your website on your own computer at any time. First of all, you can not use the computer on your own business. Kenona is always busy with your computer to fulfill the request of everyone else. Secondly, your computer must be running 7 days a week and 24 hours a day with Internet connection – which you will never want. And thirdly, if your computer is public, hackers may attack your computer and access other folders or directories, your security and privacy will be lost.

So people have to rent computers from a company to distribute their website in a real way. And these computers have some large internet service providers or ISP controls. This means that anyone in exchange for money will have your website hosted on their own computer. Generally, if you want to set up a website, then you need to purchase any hosting package. The hosting package is a basic contract between you and ISP, where you can use the amount of disc space and bandwidth (bandwidth is a specific amount, which indicates exactly how much information users can access from your website every month).

After buying the hosting package, ISP provides you a default directory such as “www.largewebhostingisp.com/yoursite4321” but this directory is not easy to remember at all. So you have to choose a name for your website to remember easily-which is called a domain name. Domain name is a simple, easy to remember address that users can easily remember. To operate domain names, it is to point to the default directory or IP from your ISP (eg http://www.largewebhostingisp.com/yoursite4321). So when users enter your domain name in their browser address bar – they will go to the original address or directory or to the IP, and these processes are hidden in all the cinemas and are automatically – so there is no reason to worry about you.

Some ISPs provide friendly systems for users, where hosting packages and domain names can be set up together. And by giving them an annual fee, these services can be accessed, making a general website costing up to 3,000-6,000 rupees is possible. When you buy a domain name, you are made a legitimate owner of that domain name – and all your information is stored in a database, which is called a wiz. And that’s why another person can not buy the same name again.

How do you create a webpage?

Setting up domain name and web hosting works equal to five minutes. But creating a website can take a lot of time-you will need to write a lot of information here (you want to keep the information stored), you will need to create a nice page layout and look for different photographs to enhance your information. Will need to By the way, you can easily create a web page in three ways.

For the purpose of creating a webpage, you can use NotePad or WordPad, which is the default in Windows, it is possible to create web pages as desired by coding it as desired. And this way you will understand a lot about how a webpage works just fine. But creating a webpage in this system is a little difficult to work-if you do not know the correct code, then you can not create the webpage. Instead of creating a webpage, you can customize web pages from ready-made pages – and it’s called template. Template is a pre-designed HTML file, which allows you to enter your information. By using this you can create instant website. But the problem with using templates is that your site will look like thousands of sites.

»WYSIWYG editor
Another way to create a web page is to use a page editor program, which is secretly coding to create pages. And these programs are said to be WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, Kenona, you can create layouts here, and all the codes will be automatically behind you. Many popular programs like Dreamweaver work in exactly the same way. Moreover, most word processing software such as Microsoft Word, Open Office, etc. allows you to convert a text document directly to a webpage, by clicking just a few mouse clicks.

»Content Management System (CMS)
The latest way to create webpages is to create content using Content Management System (CMS). This process helps you create websites automatically by keeping all technical issues aside. You can easily create a page template and set any style through visual changes – and it is said to be the theme. You can easily create any pages and tunes and publish it on your site. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. CMS work in the same way. Moreover, you can add many types of extra functions to your site – and it is said to be plugins.

How to upload your web pages?
Once the webpage is created and the domain and the hosting are purchased, it will now be necessary to upload your web pages to the web server. Web pages are uploaded on the web server using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). This process is very simple, much like copying files from one folder to another folder to another folder. With the upload of your web pages, your website will be accessible publicly within a few seconds. You can edit any web page as you wish. To avoid any kind of mistake, you can backup your entire site to your computer. It will not be afraid to lose your information even if your server crashes.

How to promote your website?


You would surely want that many people find out your website. So you need to share links to your site on other websites. You have to register your site in many search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and dozens more search engines. Within a short time or later, search engines like Google will accept your site, if your link is added to other sites. Because Google’s robots are always visiting all sites to index new content.

So it was almost a matter of today’s issues. If you understand well and want to know how the website is built or how it works, the best way is to create a website yourself. You can easily create a site by hosting webpages on your computer and if you have thought of something professional then you can create a site by buying a host and domain from ISPs. If you want you can mail me, I will suggest you You can also tuit down any questions you want.

Updated: June 10, 2020 — 5:57 pm

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